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Gallery K.C. Di' Marco
Aura of Sea & Coral
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1555
Universe of The Soul
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1558
Aura of Sea Anemone
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1566
Fury of Pele
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1573

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Gallery K.C. Di' Marco?

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About The Artist  K.C. Di' Marco

International Abstract Artist, From Lahaina, Maui. The  islands are always calling me  home.  During my travels I discovered my second home in beautiful Colorado.  Throughout my life the love of art, the ocean, island life has been woven in an inextricable pattern throughout my being. Life without family, ocean, art and music would not be worth living. It is a part of me. From early childhood I have been in love with the ocean, creating, painting on wood, paper any surface I could paint or draw on. Yes, I did get into trouble for doing so quite often. I soon realized that I had a thirst for art and painting. I fed that thirst by visiting galleries in Halweiwa, Waikiki, Mexico, museums, studying the great masters and current artist like Wyland and many others. I wanted to live work and play in this creative world.

 My inspiration comes from the ocean, all living plant life and creatures perceived by my creative minds eye. I now share this extraordinary, beautiful and revealing world with you. All living marine life, the ocean, plants, animal life emanate energy, colors not perceived by most human beings naked eye. Colors are captured through my creative minds eye and flows through my hands using
 "Auretic Abstract Art"
 as a catalyst and tool to reveal their colorful essence. While living in Mexico I continued to gravitate to artist, visiting art galleries, mixing and melding with other creative minds in Puerto Vallarta and through out Mexico. There I was befriended by a wonderful group of artist who encouraged me to continue to develop my artistic style. I encourage anyone who is reading this to seek out other artist, attend gallery showings, work and or volunteer at galleries or charity events. Believe in your passion to create and then do it.  Explore different mediums. Believe In Yourself!

I so wanted to draw birds, fish, wildlife...real life but alas it just wasn't the gift the Creator gave me.  I discovered my artistic passion "Abstract Art" The joy of being able to express my passion through painting using a palate, brush, paint, my passion for painting continues to be realized. Be prepared for the unexpected! I am so fortunate to have a studio in which I can pour my heart and passion onto canvas and then ultimately the gift of being able to share my art, my world, my passion with you. 

Art can also be creative therapy for Autistic children and adults, also 

PTSS (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome)
The beauty of art can also be healing art.


As an Abstract Artist, I open myself to visually capture the Aura of the ocean, nature, man and all living energies. I am but the willing messenger receiving the Auretic Colors of Energy which are the colors of Aura and inspiration. It is m
y goal to convey this beauty and it’s full spectrum of colors.  It is my desire that my creative work will speak to your heart, mind and resonate with your soul. My creative pallet ranges from the angelic and serene to t bold and bright! Expect the unexpected! As an abstract artist I  pour every fiber of my being on to the canvas to convey the beauty of the ocean, nature and man. The spectrum of colors through creative works of art, finished works that inspire, touch the heart, soul and mind displayed on canvas.  I humbly create works of abstract art that will enable to view through my " Creative Minds Eye " on canvas. 

I  invite and welcome you All! 

Live, Love, Dream and never give up!

The International Abstract Artist K.C. DiMarco 
If accepting request for
 original commissions. 

Gallery K.C. Di' Marco, is proud to present 

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Namaste  Creative Center For The Arts


Artist Retreat
 Created to provide a venue/oasis for artist of all creative levels who seek a creative, positive environment. The retreat will offer private artist retreat cottages, art gallery, walking trails, meditative alcoves,classes, exhibition's, up and coming artist promotion, scholarship program's, wellness classes,  The Theraputic The Art of Riding a theraputic art and riding program for artist, Veterans & Wounded Warriors. Find out more about this worthy project and how you can make a donation by clicking on ( Namaste  Creative Center For The Arts & Artist Retreat .  All proceeds go to the retreat and are tax deductable.
What is the inspiration for my artistic style?