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Gallery K.C. Di' Marco
Aura of Sea & Coral
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1555
Universe of The Soul
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1558
Aura of Sea Anemone
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1566
Fury of Pele
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1573
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To contact the Artist K.C. Di' Marco or to purchase art exhibited on the gallery website assist us by providing your contact information and name and number of the painting you are inquiring about. We will respond promptly to all inquiries. 


Please submit your formal request for an original work of art exclusively  created  for you to compliment your private collection, home, office or gallery. Direct all commissioned request to the Gallery Director.  ​

​Gallery Director
Michelle DuMont