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Gallery K.C. Di' Marco
Aura of Sea & Coral
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1555
Universe of The Soul
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1558
Aura of Sea Anemone
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1566
Fury of Pele
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1573
Creative works of abstract art, that inspire, touch the heart, soul and mind displayed on canvas
Welcome to Gallery K.C. Di' Marco
​As an Abstract Artist, I open myself to creatively capture the energy and colors of nature. I am but the willing messenger delivering creative works of art. It is my desire to convey the beauty that is the myriad and limitless colors of the full spectrum of colors. The colors of nature have a pallet of colors that go on into infinity. All one has to do is take the time to appreciate   the ocean and the marine life that resides there,  the  sunset, forest or even the beauty of the human spirit and it's balance.  As an artist I draw upon my insight in to the beauty that surrounds me in Nature, Art, Interior Design & Architecture to create. I endeavor to create works of art that reflects the beauty of the Aura of nature on canvas through Abstract Art. It is my desire that my work will speak to your heart, mind and resonate with your soul.

As an artist it is my goal to share my art with you and also to introduce those who are new to the creative world to experience art through the  eye's of artist around the world at "Namaste Artist Retreat" where we will offer artist and those interested in learning and experiencing many forms of art. Classes given by professional artist and craftsmen. The "Namaste Creative Center For The Arts & Artist Retreat" will also boast cottages and work spaces where artist of all levels of experience can create works of art. We offer a platform for creative minds to immerse themselves in a creative environment. To learn more about this creative project click on

  Namaste Creative Center For The Arts.  Donations to this worthy project are tax deductible. 

It gives me great joy to pour every fiber of my being  into conveying the beauty of the spectrum of colors through creative works of art, finished works that inspire, touch the heart, soul and mind displayed on canvas for you. I am challenged to capture the beauty of nature's colors and synergistic beauty and then humbly create a work of abstract art that will be able to give you a window into this artist creative works on canvas. Gallery K.C. Di'Marco invite's you  to experience "Abstract Art"

Live, Love, Dream. Create! 
The Artist K.C. Di'Marco

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Universe of The Soul

The House of DiMarco
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