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Gallery K.C. Di' Marco
Aura of Sea & Coral
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1555
Universe of The Soul
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1558
Aura of Sea Anemone
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1566
Fury of Pele
Acrylic On Archival Paper  
 24 x 30 . # 1573
Namaste Creative Center For The Arts & Artist Retreat

We appreciate and thank you for your support and valuable contributions!

All gifts and contributions are TAX DEDUCTABLE!
The Artist K.C. Di' Marco & Staff

Welcome your valued support and donation's, with out which we would not be able to make this worthy project possible. Without artist, art lovers and collector's, supporters  of the art's, many art forms would be lost to future generations. By providing a venue where artist, mentors and students can support, learn and grow is evaluable.  As a fellow artist, art lover and contributor to the art's I feel it is my duty and goal to do all I can to pay it creatively forward. I ask that you join us in our efforts to bring the artist retreat to a successful completion.  As a Thank You donations $50.00 and above will receive a THANK YOU GIFT!, gift's and benefits associated with the donation amount is stated next to the gift.  We thank you for your heartfelt and supportive donation. This project is being funded by donation's & private contributions.  We are in the process of applying for 501c3 (non-profit) All contributors will receive . Namaste! Scroll down to contribute and view contributor gifts. Namaste!

                                                                                                  Gallery K.C. Di' Marco.
Gold Thank You Gift Package
Silver Thank You Gift Package
Platinum Thank You Gift Package
   Platinum Contributions Gifts           &


  • 2 Limited Ed. signed and numbered print's.

  • 2 Tee-Shirts
  • 2 Hats
  • 2 Artist Tote's
  • 4 Coffee Mugs
  • 4 VIP Passes to all events for 2yr.
  •     & Admission to VIP Tent
  • 1 25.00 F&B Certificate

Gold Thank You Gift Package

  • 1 Limited Ed. Signed and Numbered print.
  • 1 Tee-Shirt
  • 1 Hat
  • 1 Artist Tote
  • 2 Coffee Mugs
  • 2 VIP Passes to all events 1yr.
  • 10% discount on all F&B, gift's,
​2 Tee-Shirts, 2 Hats, 1 Coffee Mug
Bronze II Thank You Gift
$100-$499.00 Your Choice of the  
Artist Tote or Hat
Bronze I Thank You Gift
$50-$99.00 1 Coffee Mug
​Simply click on the donation button to make a contribution. The minimum donation is $5.00. 
You decide the level of your donation. 

Donation's 50.00+Will receive Thank you gift's listed below.

Platinum Gift Package - Donations $2k and above 
Gold Gift Package - Donations $1k-$1,900
Silver Gift Package - Donations 500-1,800. 
Bronze Gift Package I (Artist Tote or Hat Donation 100-400.00
Bronze Gift Package II - Donations $50-$95.00 - Artist Mug

Donations of 1k to 1,900 will receive the Gold Thank You Gift Package as our thank you for your valued donation.
Donations of 500- 1,800 will receive the Silver Thank You Gift Package as our thank you for your valued donation.
Your donation is tax deductible, a tax receipt will be issued by
"Namaste Creative Center For The Art's &Artist Retreat"